Freezer Meal SYSTEM

  The positive effects of having dinner together consistently are crazy high! Just a few are;
  • Stronger Family Connection
  • Improved Mental Health
  • Higher Grades
  • All Around Happier
  • Reduces Stress
  • Better Food Choices
So we know we WANT to have family dinner, but with the busy lives of parents and kids, it's hard to know HOW.
That's where we come in! 24 years ago as a young mom of 3, I didn't think life could get any busier (WRONG). Family dinner was a top priority to our family, so I found a way to make it happen! 
Your family can now benefit from the 24 years of learning. Not only does this save you major time and money, It will SAVE FAMILY DINNER!

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Freezer Meal system


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Chimichangas are it for us! Do you have meals that you know you can make and EVERYONE will be happy with? Let’s be honest the more people in your family the harder this gets. We’ve added 4 in-law kids and it has STILL STAYED A FAVORITE for everyone! With that being said, you’re going to […]

Morning Madness If your mornings are anything like morning around here most days, I can explain them in 1 word CHAOTIC! I really thought as my kids got older mornings would settle down. I guess for me they have, not having to do 5 heads of hair every morning saves a lot of time. But […]

step by step pictures of making 2 dozen egg mcmuffins in a group of breakfast sandwiches.

Let’s switch up the bagged lunch ideas Now that schools getting back in session it’s time to talk about lunches! Do your kids like to eat school lunch? Maybe it’s not in the budget, or you’d rather make their lunch. Whatever the reason is, we’ve got lots of fun school lunch ideas for you. Who’s […]

School Lunch box

Creamy Mac N Cheese Sometimes I wonder why I ask for requests. “We want a homemade creamy mac n cheese”. Those are the words I heard when I asked what my son’s high school friends wanted for lunch the next day. Living 8 minutes from the high school means that my kids come home for […]

pan of homemade macaroni and cheese


The best rolls I’ve ever had and so easy to make!


These are flipping the best rolls on the entire planet.

Loving how tonight's loaves turned out!!  Thanks for the recipe @mamlisaskitchen


Thank you for saving this!!  you have some of the best tips and tricks!  I took your Roll class and it's the best thing i ever did!!

Having my kids and their friends in my kitchen is my idea of heaven...and it was then that I earned the name Mama Lisa!

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