Chimichangas are it for us! Do you have meals that you know you can make and EVERYONE will be happy with? Let’s be honest the more people in your family the harder this gets. We’ve added 4 in-law kids and it has STILL STAYED A FAVORITE for everyone! With that being said, you’re going to […]

Beef, Dinner, Freezer Meal, Main Dish, Recipe, Simple Meals

May 30, 2024

Chimichangas – aka my families all time favorite meal!

Morning Madness If your mornings are anything like morning around here most days, I can explain them in 1 word CHAOTIC! I really thought as my kids got older mornings would settle down. I guess for me they have, not having to do 5 heads of hair every morning saves a lot of time. But […]

Breakfast, School Ideas/Help, Simple Meals, Time Saving

August 30, 2023

Breakfast Sandwiches in a hurry

step by step pictures of making 2 dozen egg mcmuffins in a group of breakfast sandwiches.

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